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For more detailed information contact the City of Rome Solid Waste Department


The City of Rome provides curbside recycling service and operates on a 4-day per week collection schedule - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  All of your waste (garbage, recycling, yard waste and trash) will be collected on the same day, between the hours of 7:00 AM - 5PM. All items shall be placed at the curbside by 7:00AM on the scheduled collection day. The empty containers shall be removed from the street on the same day of collection.

     The City of Rome provides each household with an 60 gallon recycling cart.  Unacceptable material will be left in the recycling bins. Contact the Rome/Floyd Recycling Center for information concerning how to recycle items the City does not collect.

#1 & #2 Plastic bottles and jars -   Soda bottles, milk jugs, detergent containers, etc.  Please rinse and flatten when possible. Aluminum & Steel Cans -   Aluminum & Steel food and beverage cans. Please rinse.
Newspaper & Magazines -    Wet paper is not acceptable. If it's raining, hold your paper products until the next recycling day. Junk Mail -   Must be securely tied in a plastic bag separate from other recyclable items. Wet junk mail is not acceptable.
Paperboard -   Includes cereal boxes, gift boxes, shoe boxes and clean TV dinner boxes, but no milk or juice cartons are acceptable.  Corrugated Cardboard -   Wet cardboard is acceptable. Please flatten the boxes so they can get more cardboard into each truck.Paperboard can also be placed with/in your corrugated boxes.

Unacceptable Items

  • Eviction Waste

  • Glass of any kind

  • Tires

  • Hazardous Waste & Chemicals

  • Refrigerators & Air Conditioners

  • Stumps, Rocks, Dirt

  • Burned Materials

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