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Aluminum Association -
Trade Association for producers of primary aluminum, recyclers and semi-fabricated products
America Recycles Day -
Official Web Site of America Recycles Day.
American Forest and Paper Association -
National Trade Association of the forest, paper and wood products industry. Paper and wood recycling.
American Plastics Council -
Information on Plastics and the Environment. Plastics recycling.
City of Rome Home Page -
Services, calendar, Department information, visitor information.
Compost Links - click here
Coosa River Basin Initiative -
Coosa River Basin Initiative - a grass roots environmental organization dedicated to the protection of water quality in the Coosa River Basin. Rome phone number  - 706/ 232-2724.  
Cornell University -
Environmental Research Projects
Dell Computer Recycling -
Dell expands consumer recycling with option for home pick-up of unwanted computer equipment
Department of Community Affairs -
Assists Georgia's communities in realizing their dreams for growth, development and improving the quality of life for their citizens. Click on Environmental, then Waste Stream Journal and Georgia Recycling Markets Directory.
Department of Natural Resources -
Home of EEK! - Environmental Education for Kids. An electronic magazine for kids in grades 4-8. Lots of activities and an online art gallery for student art work!
Earth Day Groceries Project -
Exciting and fun project using grocery store bags to decorate and then returning the bags to the stores to use to put customer groceries into while sending out creative and colorful environmental messages.  Any school can participate.
EARTH 911 -
Public services for the nation, centralizing environmental resources such as local recycling sites and pollution prevention into one user-friendly network. Includes a Kid's corner page.
School-age appropriate pages ranging from Elementary to High School and including a teacher page. Includes pages of links for students and teachers! page.
Earth Day Net -
An excellent site focused on Earth Day Activities around the World. Some fun Kids links.
Environmental Education in Georgia -
This site is an awesome research for teachers. It has Environmental Education lesson plans for teachers of preschool - 12th grade. Environmental Education (EE) is a learning process that increases knowledge and awareness about the environment and develops skills that enable responsible decisions and actions that impact the environment. .
Environmental Protection Agency -
Excellent site for young people to learn about chemicals around the house while playing fun games.
EPA Tire Recycling -
Facts about tire disposal, retreading, and the environmental impacts of improper tire disposal.
Explorer's Club -
The United States Environmental Protection Agency's website for kids. Lots of fun.
Floyd County Home Page -
Services, Department information, etc.
Georgia's Organic farming and gardening website -
Glass Packaging Institute -
Serves as the voice for the glass container industry. Free teacher's guides to Glass Container Recycling.
Georgia Recycling Coalition -
Georgia's state recycling organization whose mission is to promote sustainable reduction and recycling programs through education and communication.  Excellent Power Point Presentation (downloadable) highlighting important recycling facts that you can use to educate your audience.
Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce -
Community information, Calendar of Events, Economic Development, etc.
GreenWorks -
This amazing site began as an extension of the GreenWorks TV show. Watch the show, check out the FalconCam, and learn how to protect the earth!
Hewlett Pakcard -
Offers product end-of-life return programs for HP and other manufacturer's hardware.
Household Hazardous Waste Links - click here
I B M -
Through the IBM PC Recycling Service, consumers and small businesses can recycle any manufacturer's PCs.
Jigeemu -
Excellent site with searchable database on all sorts of environmental issues
Keep America Beautiful -
A non-profit organization whose network of local, state and international affiliate programs educated individuals about litter prevention and ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and properly manage waste materials. "Just for Kids" section and "Just for Teachers" section. Also links to Keep Georgia Beautiful.
Kid's Face -
International children's environmental organization started in 1989 by a 9 year old child. Established to help children learn more about the world in which they live.
Kids Organic Club -
Compost game, interactive organic kitchen with recipes, contests and experiments.
Master Composter -
Site designed to provide basic information about home composting and resources for additional information on composting and other waste reduction methods.
NAPCOR - National Association for PET Container Resources -
Trade Association for the PET plastics industry in the United States and Canada. Recycling information and great kid's page. (PET is #1 plastic).
National Soft Drink Association -
Trade Association for America's soft drink industry serving the public and its members for more than 75 years. Soft drink container recycling.  Also check out the Georgia Beverage Association.
New Jersey Hazardous Waste Site -
Click on "General HHW Info" and access full glossary, additional links and Frequently Asked Questions on everything from Aerosols to Wood with lead paint.
Polystyrene Packaging Council -
Creating and implementing programs designed to educate the pubic about polystyrene food packaging. Good education page for teachers. (Polystyrene is #6 plastic).
Recycle City -
See how people in "DUMPTOWN" turned their backward town around! Fun game including large scale composting element.
Sarasota County, Florida -
Very informative and user friendly site.
Steel Recycling Institute -
Industry Association that promotes and sustains the recycling of all steel products.
Tire Recycling - click here
University of Missouri -
The Household Hazardous Waste Game is presented by the Cooperative Extension Division of the College and comes complete with Teacher's Guide and lists of additional resources.
University of Vermont -
Excellent site for MSDA information on lots of common household hazardous wastes. An MSDS is the "Material Safety Data Sheet" that lists all attributes of a product including warnings and treatments for accidents.

ZooDoo -
Check out this fertilizer obtained from zoos that gardeners just love!
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