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Aluminum         Steel                   Glass               Plastics          
Newspaper         Junk Mail      Books/Magazines    Office Paper   Paperboard  Corrugated Boxes
Cellular Phones    Toner & Inkjet Cartridges  
Appliances - stoves, washers, dryers,  refrigerators, hot water heaters


Computers, televisions, other electronics

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We offer a round-the-clock access to a drop off area at our facility.  This area is intended to allow people to be able to do their recycling at any time of the day, any day of the week.  The only items that can be dropped off in this area are the items we would normally take when we are open.  Anything else dropped off is considered ILLEGAL DUMPING and could have fines attached to that behavior.  Appliances and scrap metals go at the end of the sidewalk and other recyclables can be placed neatly on the sidewalk. 

In addition to our drop off program, the Recycling Center also offers a FREE business corrugated and office paper pick up route, confidential shredding service, and waste audit services.  We also give facility tours and provide a speaker for your meetings and classes.
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Aluminum - Cans, Foil, Baking Dishes and scrap aluminum.  
    For more information on aluminum recycling -
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Steel - Food & beverage cans; other scrap metal. 
    For more information on steel recycling -
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Appliances - Includes all those made of metal: Washers,
     Dryers, Refrigerators (be sure all food has been removed), Air Conditioners, Stoves,        Water
Heaters, Dishwashers, etc.  Be careful to not break the
     refrigerant lines in
your refrigerators, freezers and air
conditioners.  We contract out to have the Freon
     evacuated in an EPA approved manner.

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Bottles & Jars - All colors & sizes.  No drinking glasses, mirrors, cookware, vases, plate glass.

    For more information on glass recycling - click here

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Most of the plastic bottles, jars and containers used in your home are either #1 or #2 plastic. Check for the following triangle symbols on the bottom of the container:
 #1 Plastic - Includes drink bottles (clear, blue, brown and green), food bottles like salad dressing, peanut butter and others. Please remove lids and rinse the container. For more information on #1 PET plastic recycling -
click here
#2 Plastic - Includes milk and juice bottles; shampoo, health and beauty products, plastic bags as well as others. Please remove lids and rinse the container.
#4 Plastic - Includes flexible film bags for dry cleaning, bread, produce, trash, etc. Please remove all contents and keep dry.
#6 Plastic - Styrofoam type only - includes egg cartons, take-out food containers and cups, meat and vegetable trays, etc. We have loose fill to give away to the public. 
For more information on Styrofoam recycling -
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For more information on ALL PLASTIC recycling -
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Corrugated Boxes - Embedded staples and tape are
Paperboard - Includes cereal boxes, drink cartons, etc.
Newspaper - Includes everything inserted in a newspaper.
Magazines - shiny slick paper, includes catalogs.  Can be recycled
   with newspapers
Office Waste Paper - Includes copy paper, letterhead (all colors),
fax, folders, index cards, cash register receipts, computer 
   printouts, accounting ledgers, envelopes, etc.  Staples and paperclips need not be
   removed, but please do take paper out of binders for recycling
Books - Includes hardback and paperback.
Phone Books -
Includes all kinds.
Junk Mail -
Includes everything that comes in your mailbox.
Paper Bags -
Includes all sizes and colors.

Personal hygiene items such as tissue paper, paper towels, napkins and paper plates are not accepted.
All paper must be kept dry, except for corrugated and paperboard boxes.

    For more information on paper recycling - click here

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Special Wastes

Cell or Mobile Phones - We accept all types of old
     cellular, car, and mobile phones - working or not! Please
     include all chargers and batteries when possible.

Inkjet and Toner Cartridges - A
ll types of printer ink
      can be recycled at the Recycling Center!

Household Hazardous Wastes - Offered 3 times a year -   Click Here for more information 

Electronics - computers, televisions, miscellaneous electronics - collected every other month.  Click here for dates and details.

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