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The Rome/Floyd Recycling Center's main goal is to divert as much material from going to the Landfill as possible. In order to achieve this goal, we have to be more than a "drop off center". The staff at the Recycling Center has been involved with waste reduction for over 17 years and would be happy to work with you (both residential and commercial) to reduce the amount of waste you currently send out as garbage, or trash.  Listed here are some of the services offered to help divert more of your materials out of your "Garbage Stream" into the "Recycling Stream".

FREE Office Paper/Corrugated Box Pick Up

The Recycling Center has a Commercial Pick Up Route for businesses and industries in Rome and Floyd County.  This service is FREE.  We pick up Office Paper and Corrugated boxes on either a regularly scheduled or call in basis.

The Center provides the bags for you to use to put your Office Paper into for pick up.  This category is a broad one that will accept most of the paper that is generated in your office environment.  Some common examples: 
Computer Paper (ALL types) Copy and Typing Paper Letterhead and Memos Legal Paper
Loose Leaf and Scratch Paper Message Pad Paper Colored Paper / Post-its Fax Paper
Cash Register Receipts Manila Folders - all colors Index Cards - all sizes NCR Paper
Architectural Drawings Adding Machine Tape Accounting Ledgers Shredded Paper
Small Advertising Mailers and Brochures (Not Full Magazines) Pamphlets Booklets
Paper Envelopes - all sizes and colors **Plastic Windows ok ***Staples and Paper Clips OK

Please note:
No personal hygiene paper products are acceptable in this program -
Kleenex, paper towels, etc. Also, no paper plates or cups are acceptable.

What you can recycle in the "corrugated box" category:
This category also includes paperboard packaging (cereal box type paperboard). Staples and tape do not need to be removed, however, any plastic or Styrofoam must be removed from your corrugated boxes. The boxes can get wet without affecting their ability to be recycled.  You do not need to have a bin for this program, however we do have cages available for those companies that need some sort of containment for their materials.  

All office paper must be kept dry!  If office paper gets wet, we are not able to send it to our markets for recycling and will have to leave it for you to then place in your trash. The bags that the Recycling Center provides will keep your paper dry, even on rainy days, if properly sealed.

To participate in this pick up program, call the Recycling Center to make arrangements for bags and to determine the best pick up schedule for your organization.

Since inmates are used on this pick up route, and they are not allowed to go into your offices, you will need to designate a place outside of your office to place your bags of paper for pick up.

Confidential Shredding

There are many times when confidential shredding of sensitive documents is either legally required or personally preferred. Because the Recycling Center uses inmates at the facility, we are unable to be bonded like professional shredding services. However, we do have the equipment to provide the 1/4 inch document shredding that meets legal size specifications.

Many organizations are able to have the Recycling Center meet their legal shredding requirements by sending an employee to the Center to actually observe the shredding process.

The Recycling Center's hours for shredding are:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 - 4:00.  There is no charge for document shredding, however, we do work on an appointment basis for shredding that needs to be observed.  If you do not have to watch the shredding, or if you only have a small amount, no appointment is required. Small amount can be defined as  2 boxes or less or 2 bags or less.

Staples OK
Paper Clips OK
Labels OK
Paper in manila file folders OK
3 Ring Binders Remove Paper
Spiral Notebooks Remove Paper
Folders with Metal Clasps Remove Paper
Plastic Packaging Remove Paper
Report Covers Remove Covers

For more information, call the Recycling Center - (706) 291-5266 or e mail us at:   recycle@floydcountyga.org  

Waste Audit

Let us help you determine just what is going out in your garbage as waste that could be diverted into a Recycling or Reuse item.  Call (706) 291-5266 for more information.